Car Show

8 AM - 10 AM
Assembly of cars on Gyro Park field for Car Show

10 AM - 2 PM
Car Show at Gyro Park - Voting for cars by meet attendees

Sponsored by:
MINI Victoria

Car Show Classes

VOTING: Peoples’ Choice 1 Ballot for each Full Registrant & each Enthusiast

Classic Minis

C01: Mini Sedans – Sliding Windows Original/Restored

C02: Mini Sedans – Sliding Windows Modified (see note)

C03: Mini Sedans – Wind-up Windows Original/Restored

C04: Mini Sedans – Wind-up Windows Modified (see note)

C05: Mini Wagons, Vans, Estates, Pickups Original/Restored

C06: Mini Wagons, Vans, Estates, Pickups Modified (see note)

C07: Mokes (all)

C08: Cabriolets/Convertibles (all)

C09: Mini Custom (all) (see note)

C10: Mini Variants – Riley, Wolseley, Marcos, JEM etc. (all)


N01: MINI Sedans Cooper & “S” 2001-06 (all)

N02: MINI Sedans Cooper & “S” 2007 on (all)

N03: MINI Convertible (all)

N04: MINI Clubman (all)

N05: MINI Custom (all) (see note)

Race Minis/MINIS

R01: Mini/MINI Race (all)

PEOPLES’ CHOICE Car of Meet - “Mini/MINI I’d like to drive home.”

JUDGED AWARD – least molested, most original Classic

1) “Modified” includes bolt on changes e.g. wheels, seats, Rokee dashes, flares etc.
2) “Custom” includes every non-Mini/MINI engine, molded in flares, deseamed, Lambo doors, radically personalized interior etc.